Children ski lessons from 3 years old - Learn skiing by pleasure and fun!

Children ski lessons

I offer ski lessons for children regardless of their prior experience or level of skiing. Even from the early age of 3 it is possible to ski with confidence and explore the feeling of sliding down the slope while having fun in safety of an instructor. When teaching classes with children for half/full day a dry break with something warm to drink in between the laps will be necessary to rebuild their strength. It's also a moment to forget the inconveniences realated to the cold, the humidity or possible tiredness. Some drinks, some games and we will head back to the slopes in full form! Because learning begins with having fun!

Children privates ski lessons

Private ski lessons are by far the most suitable form of learning, with the main advantage of showing quick progress with just a few lessons. Skiing together in small groups can sometimes bring a vital emulation to children, so a group of maximum 5 children in the same level of skiing can also be managed without compromising the learning. Private ski lessons however is the opportunity for a child to quickly find confidence in their skiing and enjoy it. I propose private lessons for a day or half day, several days or weeks. Adapted and adaptable programs.

My experience with children

I have a particular sensitivity to work with children. Excellent adaptability, unalterable patience, optimism and an enthusiastic relation as a rule! Getting a grip of downhill sports at all ages is not a trivial task. With safety, support and progress as a starting point, my role as ski instructor for children is also to reveal this cold and sometimes inhospitable environment to the fraternal and inexhaustible playground that it is! My prior experiences has taught me to listen, understand and be able to meet the specific needs of each child: 5 years of summer camp supervision, with age groups from 4 to 17 years in various situation. To push the adventure a little further, I then carried out an internship in nursery, with children from 6 months to 3 years. I've learned the reinforced certainty: the child is not an adult in miniature, if he answers to specific emotional, physical and physiological needs, appropriate approach is needed. It can be learned and can’t be improvised.